My sister's gone mad.
Scene of ordinary lust. Whore sister. The brother films her when she's prostituting, and blackmails her, asking her a percentage. She seduces him and then blackmails him in turn ... Cuckold and Agreeable: Marriage has no more energy, and her husband is looking for new emotions, so orders his wife to get fucked by the first man passing under her eyes. The shy little wife, devout and obedient, will prime with an excuse a mechanic, who certainly will not pull back ... But on her return to her husband, the woman will find a nasty surprise ... The Family Honor: The daughter hurts working in the fields, the caring father intervenes promptly, but the girl is without trousers, the flesh is weak, and the father takes out the bird ... the daughter is initially resisting, but the family's honor is at stake and a sordid blackmail will make her give in, just to fuck her beloved boyfriend ...
Duration: 67 minutes
Format: SD Video
Language: Italiano
Manufacturer: Moonlight Video